Important checklists and guides for Principals


The following are our various checklists and guides for principals that we have developed either at Texas Principal or collected from external links for both new and veteran principals.

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For New Principals:

Key Actions for Principals Beginning Service at a Campus

Various helpful articles from UrLeaderLine ( (Link fixed 8-2-13 external link from UrLeaderlIne)

For All principals

Agenda Items that should be part of your weekly administrative team meetings (8/8/12)

4 tips to ensure your annual events are better each year (8/7/12)

Summer to do list reminder for campus principals

June-August comprehensive checklist for Assistant Superintendents and Principals

Principal's start of school checklist


Twitter a necessity for Educators in 2012 (added 8/2/12)

Introduction to Federal Title Programs (added 8/2/12)

Incident Report Form (added 8/2/12)

Resources for structuring and implementing during the school day intervention

Guide to AYP and Texas Accountability Changes for 2012-14 (Published July 27, 2012)

Guide to Texas School Finance Account Code Structure (Published July 18, 2012)

Other shared resources